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Cyntara's Healing House

Energy Healer | Reiki Master | Alchemist | Psychonaut


My name is Cyntara and I’m here to guide you with your healing. I believe as one heals themselves you can assist others that are seeking healing to do the same. We are all one and can make this earth a better place one healed person at a time. I’ve been on my healing journey for the past 10 years and would love to assist you with becoming your whole powerful self. I've been a Reiki Master since 2019 and am currently furthering my education as a Kemetic Yoga Instructor.

How can I help you on your healing journey ?



Healing sessions


Naturopathic Reiki Certification Classes


What Some People Have Said About Working With Me

"If you have not yet tried a healing meditation with Cyntara and you are trying to heal, or clear your chakras to feel balanced - I would highly recommend her. Cyntara is a natural healer and empath. She has been practicing her gift for many years. I personally did a forest meditation either her and I was able to visualize what I wanted to bring into my life, clearly just by our guided meditation. All this while I was going through a very difficult time in my healing journey. Thank you, Cyntara!"

Melinda W.

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